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Our wood stoves have been designed with the gypsy in mind.

The criteria is tough:

  • They needed to be light enough to move and set up camp without taking two men and a horse to lift them

  • They need to be durable and handle a fire hot enough to heat a 12’ by 14’  canvas tent at 40 below celsius

  • They need to have long burn times and good damper control.

  • They had to be small enough to fit nicely in our loaded skimmers and boats.

  • They had to be big enough to cook for a hungry familly.

  • They had to be affordable!  Which means  investing in quality for the long term.

  • But! above all they had to work! when you are 40 km from the truck and the temperature drops to minus 30,  you really have to rely on your gear to work. At Oliver Beebe Customs we are out there with you and we know our stoves work!  

 We believe we have come up with a stove that meets the tough demands of the Yukon Backcountry!!!

Oliver Beebe Customs has 3 Exciting Models to choose from!

The Explorer: ( Our middle sized stove and most popular)

Our Explorer model is 14”x14”x22” and loaded with stove pipe weighs in around 45lbs. They fit very nicely in a plastic tote and can be easily handled by one person. They feature a 16 gauge body with a 12 gauge top, removable double bottom and a baffle under the chinmey. They come with a removable side warming rack for added cooking space. 

These double bottom and chimney baffle features all add to the longevity of the the stoves and keep more heat in the tent instead of going straight out the chinmney. Our earlier models of stoves are still going strong after 7+ years of use.

$725.00 plus GST

The Aurora: ( a tad smaller but still throws out the heat)

The Aurora , being the same design but coming in at 12"x12"x20" ,is perfect for the artic Ovens or smaller wall tents or those looking to go lightweight while still being able to pump out heat season after season. 

Having a few less BTU's than the Exploere this stove still performs in the Yukon winters and is just a bit easier to tote around.  The Aurora comes with the standard double bottom and side warming rack but has a removable chimney baffle so you can stuff more of your chimney inside for easy transport. 

The Aurora is a great choice for the all seasons.

$675.00 plus GST

The Boss: Our Biggest Stove!

The Boss is great for the bigger tents, has great BTU potential, large cook top, side grate and comes with the standard double bottom and chimney baffle. The Boss is a bit heavier than the explorer but can still be managed by one person. The Boss is made of heavier gauge steel and is 16"x16"x22" 

A great choice if you have the larger tents. 

$950.00 plus GST

All of our stoves are professionaly welded and guarenteed to perform.

Along with the Portable wood stoves we make sauna and aluminum hot tub wood stoves. Cabin stoves to fit your needs. 

The sauna stoves comes with a completely customizable rock guard on top cut with a CNC plasma cutter. 

Stoves can be custom ordered to whatever size and material thickness to suit your needs.

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