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Tougher then steel.

 We have been building and using these skimmers for many years here in Yukon.  They have been tested hunting, camping, hauling firewood, and bashing through the bush in search of that secret fishing hole or hunting spot. 

Our Skimmers are professinally built and guarenteed to perform. they are made out of Quater inch UHMW-PE, a plastic that is super tough, resistant to chemicals and doesn’t get brittle in the cold (well not until about -150 degrees). Our Hitches are one of the best in the business, made from  thick-walled steel  tubing, powder coated black for longterm protection. They are fully welded and take a beating. The hitches also fold flat on the skimmer to make transporting them a breeze.  

 The Skimmers are just under 9 feet long and 32 inches wide. They come standard with a double steel skeg on the bottom, Snow deflector on the hitch to keep out track spray, and can have a 3/8 pin or pintle style hitch, your choice.  We also include tons of tie down points using high quality 8mm rope around the entire skimmer.

We also make rear hitches for our skimmers, again your choice of light duty, or heavy duty depending upon your need.  Gas can cargo dividers are also available.


Our Skimmers are professinaly built, tough, light, easy to transport, and gaurenteed to perform!!

Current Pricing: as of January 2023

Standard Skimmer: $1750.00 Plus GST

Equiped with: 

Steel hitch with snow deflector 

Double steel skeg

Your choice or 3/8 pin or Pintle coupler.


Heavy Duty Rear Hitch-  $250 plus GST

Light Duty Rear Hitch-   $100 plus GST

Gas Can Cargo Divider-  $65.00 plus GST

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